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Director of Retail
Retail/Product Management

EdwinKnowledgeable Director of Retail with 15+ years of experience

Relevant Skills

Employee development , process creation & implementation, high efficiency

Expertise Summary
  • Edwin is a retail operations professional with 15+ years of people and product management experience, including 5 years in a medical cannabis program.
  • Edwin has in-depth knowledge of all components involved in operationalizing and maintaining a medical cannabis dispensary, from staff hiring and development to product procurement.
    • He created and implemented all retail compliance, security, supply chain, and transportation processes in conjunction with key market leaders.
  • Edwin developed and reviewed KPI reports and P&Ls for all dispensaries to monitor opportunities and challenges to maximize revenues and profits.
    • He developed and implemented sales processes that lead to some of the shortest wait times in the state while maintaining Google review scores at or above 4.9 across all locations.
  • As a Market Manager, Edwin oversaw operations across 3 states and led transitions for new accounts across the country.
    • He created and implemented SOPs throughout the company’s 40 US locations to ensure uniform operations and performance.
  • As President of a company, Edwin developed superior business acumen and KPI target goal setting by creating and analyzing daily, monthly, and yearly sales reports.

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