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Sales Executive
Budgeting, store launches, and rebranding

EverettSales and Operations Executive focused on maximizing growth

Relevant Skills

Change management , developing new business focused on increasing existing sales , acquisitions and integration

Expertise Summary
  • Everett is a successful multiple-state Sales and Operations Executive and road warrior with responsibilities for more than $75M across 5 different industries: Specialty Retail, Education, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Alternative Lending.
    • He led 100+ units, up to 2,200 employees, millions in budget responsibilities, opened 250+ retail stores, and oversaw new markets, acquisitions, and rebranding initiatives.
  • Over the last 3 years at a vertically integrated cannabis company, Everett successfully partnered with franchise, strategic, and legal departments to create a franchise agreement approved in all 50 states.
    • His understanding of regulatory compliance and risk associated with businesses has made him successful at his role.
    • He brought excellent growth results by improving revenue from $15.8M to $29.3M over 1 year, improving gross profit from $4.3M to $12.6M by reverse engineering customer geographic data allowing focus of resources on target retail and wholesale efforts.
  • Everett added significant value by changing how products are sold within retail and shifting products based off seasonality and/or customer demands by market, improving average ticket, customer frequency, and margin while supporting retail acquisitions from 6 to 18 stores over a 3-year period.
  • Everett led a production and manufacturing team to support new revenue goals based off a 6-week production forecast.
    • They were agile enough to support ongoing sales trends for both retail and wholesale contribution while increasing vertical product offerings from 4 lines to 15, which improved vertical product contribution to over 45% of retail sales.
    • Additionally, he built an exit plan for 3 wholesale markets that contributed to an annual savings of $1.9M.

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