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Operations Executive
Operations leadership and driving growth

FabianCannabis Operations Executive that excels at driving growth

Relevant Skills

Launching new companies, driving growth in international arenas, revamping manufacturing processes

Expertise Summary
  • With 25+ years of operations leadership experience, Fabian is a master at driving growth for companies in diverse international arenas and product/market segments, especially within the cannabis industry.
  • Fabian has in-depth expertise in helping to launch new companies, helping small to large operations to expand and improve their bottom lines, and supporting full turnarounds/management change of larger and multinational firms.
    • He provided independent on-site operational contract management for a cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, extraction, sales, branding/marketing, and retail company.
    • He was the acting on-site Corporate Executive Operations Officer and acting General Manager.
  • Fabian revamped manufacturing processes at a THC production and extraction facility, increasing floor and facility single-shift usage from 30% to 90%+ in 75 days.
    • In a 6,000 sq. ft. facility, the output is $1.75 million/month in edibles, beverages, and topicals.
    • He reduced backorders from 70% to less than 2%.
    • The on-time deliveries are at 95%-96% (balance due to non-manufacturing issues).
    • He helped increase sales from $3.5 million to $6 million annually with zero marketing support.
  • Fabian implemented regimented food safety standards, HACCP, security standards and systems, and state THC regulatory and licensing standards at all facilities.
    • He has excellent relations with state inspectors and cannabis control officers, local fire marshals and building inspection departments, OSHA, etc.
    • He implemented and enforced company-wide SOPs and safety standards.
  • For cannabis manufacturing facilities, he managed increased outputs and revenues by 40%-60% through demand and forecast planning efficiencies.
  • Fabian had direct oversight/supervision of the complete buildout for a 40,000-square-foot indoor grow facility.

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