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Cultivation Manager
Cultivation & Extraction

FlorenceExperienced Cultivation Manager with proven ability to lead

Relevant Skills

Training and managing, Implementing programs and strategies, analytical and research-based decisions

Expertise Summary
  • Florence is an experienced Cultivation Manager and Propagation Manager.
    • She has completed facility setup, including the application process, the department set up, and the production flow throughout the department.
    • Florence has experience creating signs and logs for departments/logs for data tracking purposes and receiving initial plant stock that will be starting production for cultivation/physically getting the building filled with plants.
    • She also knows how to set up state-mandated tracking systems with initial stock, getting everyone trained in that system, initial job fairs, and hiring for management, orientation, and hands-on training–she was responsible for specialized training in propagation, flower, and harvest, too.
  • Florence created and implemented the SOPs for propagation/veg for the whole cannabis company since it opened in 2017.
    • She was responsible for the plant work schedule (pruning/topping) and what days it needed to happen, how/when they transplant and clone to keep on a continuous production cycle, strain production/cutting schedule, IPM regiment, and feeding/fertigation scheduling for clones, veg plants, and mothers.
    • She also created a mother plant work schedule so they could maintain healthy mother stock.
  • Florence trained 35 managers/supervisors/leads between 3 states on how to operate/manage on the commercial scale of cannabis growing, harvesting, and packaging.
    • She trained 18 managers/supervisors/leads who had no prior cannabis experience or knowledge–she has been working alongside them training/teaching them on all plant knowledge, processes, and physical management of people, as well as all the paperwork.
    • Now they employ a little over 175 employees at this facility and have given money back to a struggling community, giving them the skills/experience needed to keep growing in this industry.
    • In the last quarter of 2019, they made $6 million in sales, and they made a profit of $17 million in 2020.
  • Florence assisted in designing the state-of-the-art 115,000 sq. ft. vertical growing expansion to an existing cannabis facility.
    • She has also helped design the flower/veg/propagation room set up from racking, trays, airflow/fans, irrigation set up, lights, etc.
    • She designed the irrigation flow/fertigation room and helped to determine the staff numbers needed for hiring each for propagation, gardening, and harvest.
    • She has also been responsible for creating how many plants the flower room will hold and how many harvests they would have a week.
  • Additionally, Florence created and implemented a UV light program to help with general sanitization to help kill bacteria/mold/microbial.
    • With research from the success of using UV light, she saved them on production time for cleaning/sanitization.

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