VP of Retail
Retail, operations, and sales


Relevant Skills

Leading sales strategies in multiple states, Creating dynamic sales culture and store experiences, Achieving strong results with industry leaders

Expertise Summary
  • Francis has been a leader in the cannabis industry since cannabis became recreationally legal in CA.
    • He has led sales strategies in multiple states with top 5 product results on BDS Analytics.
    • Currently, he is a VP of Sales for one of the largest cannabis companies in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Francis is an experienced and passionate leader who has achieved strong results with industry leaders and small startups.
    • He is recognized for creating dynamic sales culture and store experiences by well-respected, premier companies.
    • He has a track record of achieving strategic growth through effective P&L management and people and leadership development and engagement.
  • Francis led go-to-market strategies in both OR and CA and has grown sales by over 300%, as well as market penetration by over 50%.
    • The results were achieved through creating a dynamic sales culture, engaging value propositions, and an ongoing competitive analysis of the evolving market.
  • With a diversified background with leadership roles in Retail, Operations, and Sales, Francis has developed exceptional strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as effective team collaboration to help lead almost any initiative from the early pioneering stages to full initiative execution.
  • Francis managed million-dollar budgets and led companies from the small startup phase to becoming a multi-state industry leader.
    • His references would be his past leaders, presidents, and CEOs–all of which would describe him as a people-focused leader who has a “refuse to lose” attitude and will always figure out a way to evolve and win.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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