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Director of Cultivation
Cultivation/Project Management

FrankAmbitious and results-oriented Director of Cannabis Cultivation

Relevant Skills

Building high-performing teams for high-quality harvests, creating efficient systems, achieving high production targets

Expertise Summary
  • Frank is an ambitious and results-oriented Director of Cultivation with 10+ years of cannabis industry experience.
    • He is a progress-driven planner adept at building and retaining high-performing teams for high-quality harvests.
    • Frank is a skilled agricultural manager with demonstrated operations, team, and financial management abilities.
    • He directs and supervises staff in cannabis facilities to produce high-quality plants, meet revenue objectives, and maintain optimal cost controls.
  • Frank is proficient in irrigation systems, growth techniques, and disease prevention strategies.
    • He establishes perpetual schedules, delegates work and oversees employee performance to achieve high production targets.
  • Frank is dedicated to creating systems that are as efficient as possible.
    • His 13-step cannabis production method reduces man hours, increases the quality of the end harvest, and makes the end harvest a much easier experience.
    • The final step is live trimming the whole plant while it is still connected to the root ball, and then cutting the stalk at the base and hanging the whole plant to dry.
    • The oils and moisture from the stalk & branches dry down into the bud as it hangs, creating a bigger, thicker, and chunkier end product.
    • By trimming and hanging the whole plant, there are no man hours needed to cut down the branches to specific sizes for harvesting, hanging branches, or spreading the plucked buds out on screens.
    • Once the plant is dried, de-budding is as simple as plucking the buds off whole–this process creates award-winning buds.
  • Frank built 2 grow facilities from the ground up–the latest built to specifications as a Class-C Medical Commercial Grow Facility operating under the Caregiver program.
    • The company and operational plan were approved, but it needed a new location for final state approval.
    • Plans for a scaled-up version of the same system in a much larger third grow were developed, but earlier this year Frank’s father, and Co-owner of the business, passed away.
    • The company has ended its operations, and Frank is looking forward to starting a new chapter.
  • According to Frank, there are major similarities with the complete production schedule of a cannabis harvest and the production schedule of a theatre show–prior to cannabis, he was a Theatre Technical Director.
    • When problems arise, he is trained to make sure there is a solution in place by the next hard date.

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