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Head of Sales
Sales and Branding

Franky One of the longest-tenured sales reps in his region

Relevant Skills

Overseeing individual retail accounts, maintaining meaningful business relationships , orchestrating brand launches

Expertise Summary
  • Franky is currently the Head of Sales of a newly launched brand.  
    • His 6 years of industry experience have enabled him to establish long-lasting relationships throughout cannabis, entertainment, and sports.  
    • He has overseen 100 individual retail accounts throughout California and is one of the longest-tenured sales reps in his region.  
    • His current book of business contains more than 60 active buyers, and he maintains meaningful relationships with retailers, cultivators, manufacturers, and distributors across the state. 
  • Franky has a proven track record of sales–in his first year as a Key Account Manager with a top cannabis company, he opened 30 new accounts in under a year. 
    • He was solely responsible for an increase in revenue of 170% YOY in two regions. 
  • Franky’s expertise within the industry has allowed him to wear multiple hats in his current role.  
    • He was responsible for designing the packaging, logo and merch for a brand.  
    • He orchestrated 2 brand launch events and was responsible for all marketing campaigns and all digital assets.  
    • Also, his entertainment connections brought collaborations to the table with celebrities and cannabis influencers.  
  • Franky’s collegiate athletic background, traditional corporate experience and his experience in the fields of cannabis and entertainment allow him to be comfortable negotiating with small business owners to C-suite executives.  
    • His consultative approach to sales, paired with authenticity and professional demeanor, has afforded him longevity in an extremely competitive environment. 

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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