Extraction Lab Director
Operating multiple vertically integrated facilities


Relevant Skills

Tracking and tracing procedures, Focusing on indoor cultivation and production, Establishing SOPs

Expertise Summary
  • Gabriel is an experienced Extraction Lab Director, hands-on Master Extractor, and a highly experienced Cultivator with over 11 years in manufacturing, product development, entrepreneurship, analytics, and wholesale operations. 
    • As a Lab Director, he designed and directed the licensing, construction, and opening of a dual license facility focused on pre-roll production, vape cartridge and tincture filling using automated equipment, and R&D product formulation operating at maximum capacity.
    • He’s a high-energy professional with a desire for perfection.
  • Gabriel set up the laboratory procedures, established SOPs, tracked and traced procedures, and oversaw equipment procurement and employee training.
    • He’s certified in ETS, Delta Separations, and BR Instruments Systems.
  • Gabriel is skilled in all extraction methods with a focus on light hydrocarbon with the ability to produce isolates of purity greater than 99.5% with clean RSTs.  
    • He is also an expert in product formulation and has a 100% perfect safety record.
  • Gabriel has 7 years of direct cultivation experience operating multiple vertically integrated facilities.
    • He’s directed multiple teams across facility operations.
    • His primary focus was on indoor cultivation and production.

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