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Extraction Manager
Product creation and product development


Relevant Skills

Developing all extraction SOPs for his department, Hiring and training extraction technicians, Ensuring optimal organization

Expertise Summary
  • Gael is an Extraction Manager who is responsible for equipment selection, process development, and everyday production of the following processes related to cannabis extraction: hydrocarbon extraction, short-path distillation, steam distillation, winterization, decarboxylation, delta-8 THC creation, and formulation of vape and tincture products.
    • He developed all extraction SOPs for his department with process safety, process efficiency, and product integrity in mind.
  • Gael has incredible team-building skills, allowing him to hire and train a unified group of well-developed and knowledgeable extraction technicians.
    • By providing hands-on training methods, Gael has managed to lead his team in creating consistent medical and adult-use cannabis products with minimal supervision.
  • Gael is very engaged in product creation and product development.
    • For example, he created processes for efficient means of creating delta-8 THC and refining terpenes for distillate vape infusion.
    • He also created a vape product containing both engineered ingredients that won at a cannabis competition.
  • Gael excels at ensuring organization and the most efficient use of laboratory space.
    • He uses and sustains techniques within his management strategy to ensure optimal organization.

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