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VP of Technology
Compliance, industry-leading technology, and API usage

GamonNavigates new tech and supports go-to-market efforts in cannabis

Relevant Skills

Navigating and teaching new technology, Developing playbooks and documentation, Working on multiple competing projects

Expertise Summary
  • Gamon is an experienced technologist having 15 years to refine and learn techniques to help solve problems, translate business into tech speak, and thrive in situations of navigating new technology that supports go-to-market efforts.
    • Building teams, developing playbooks and documentation, and learning and teaching new technologies are within his comfort zone.
  • Gamon has first-hand experience with all aspects of compliance in the cannabis space in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, Missouri, Arizona, and New Jersey.
    • He is very familiar with industry-leading technologies, API usage, and data governance/capabilities with various companies through scoping and exploratory efforts.
  • Gamon managed resources across the globe from New York to London and is effective at time management and using tools to stay organized and connected with his peers.
    • Traveling frequently for client visits, tech huddles, and other organizationally driven needs taught him to listen and pay attention for those moments where a digital connection isn’t sufficient.
  • Gamon worked for several start-ups, as well as private or massive-growth companies.
    • He learned techniques to take new technology to market, stand up functionality, and processes in new areas.
    • He worked on multiple competing projects and learned to pivot quickly.
    • The key takeaway for Gammon in his journey is twofold: communication is the key to success, and almost no project is executed single-handedly, so collaboration is crucial to meeting goals.
  • Gamon is passionate about opening the doors on cannabis both medically and for adult use and sees compliance and organization around varying state regulations as a bridge that needs to be built.
    • With first-hand experience building tools to create guardrails for teams, his desire to contribute will allow him to overcome any gaps in his toolset.

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