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Cultivation Project Manager
Design, budget, and presentation of cultivation buildings

GarsonCultivation Project Manager well versed in the cannabis industry

Relevant Skills

Design of cultivation infrastructure, overseeing multiple operations of cultivation buildouts, communicating across teams

Expertise Summary
  • At a top-tier cannabis company, Garson was heavily involved in the nationwide network of cultivation and processing buildings, including design, budget, presentation for financial approval, and ground project management with the general contractor, subcontractors, and owner-contracted security firms.
    • He was the lead Project Manager (PM) for a 100,000 sq. ft. cultivation/processing/lab/kitchen in MI valued at $32M.
    • Garson was also lead PM for a 40,000 sq. ft. buildout of a cultivation facility in IL valued at $15M.
    • He finished the design and executed the contract for a $22M processing building in NY.
  • As Project Manager, Garson dealt directly with bench/table vendors/suppliers for 4 different cultivation renovation buildouts.
    • He directly contracted HPS light, LED light, Horizontal and Vertical Fan, CO2, supplementary humidity, and low voltage security and IT vendors/suppliers.
    • He also managed the delivery and installation of the above-listed “owner purchased equipment.”
  • Garson was lead for all lease buyback contracts/TIA allowance/reimbursement requests for cultivation and processing facilities in MI, MA, OH, and IL.
    • He dealt directly with 2 separate funding firms to secure monthly documentation/billing from general contractors and saw the process through until they were funded.
  • As Project Engineer, Assistant Project Manager, then Project Manager, Garson managed the construction of 12 midrise/high-rise concrete buildings, where his responsibilities included budgeting/forecasting, cost accounting, and production tracking for project contracts between $15M and $300M.
  • While in the storefront glass and curtainwall industry, Garson built on his experience of the concrete building side.
    • He managed glass project estimates, was involved in the design, and project managed the installation of the glass systems into buildings.

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