Compliance & Cultivation Specialist
Managing projects, timelines, and production plans


Relevant Skills

Managing the build of indoor and greenhouse cultivation facilities, Identifying and implementing protocols to remediate issues, Building and implementing high-level reporting

Expertise Summary
  • Gary has preferred to take a hands-on approach when it comes to managing the build of state-of-the-art indoor and greenhouse cultivation facilities across multiple states while also implementing aggressive production plans during construction.
    • Gary has an in-depth understanding of cultivation to scale in greenhouse, outdoor, and indoor settings with automated system controls.
    • He also focuses on facility standards in regards to GMP, LEAN practices, safety, and most of all, product quality.
  • For a cannabis company, Gary managed a $16MM facility expansion/buildout project while also staffing, managing, isolating construction areas, and overseeing overall production.
    • He was able to get two 2-tier indoor flower rooms online 2 weeks ahead of schedule by working with the subcontractors to prioritize their work, resulting in roughly $1.2MM in revenue.
  • Gary has MSO experience and has managed projects, timelines, and production plans at scale across multiple states in the industry.
    • He has a passion for growing cannabis and is open-minded about best practices.
  • Gary has a proven track record of successfully staffing, training, and managing large teams of cultivators to implement SOPs and cultivation standards.
    • He prides himself on his level of communication to leadership regarding issues or problems that arise and also has the expertise to quickly identify and implement protocols to remediate issues.
  • Gary believes data collection is critical for the success of every enterprise. He has years of experience in building and implementing high-level reporting to organizations he has worked for.
    • He has multiple Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) across multiple states and also has lab reports stating 30%+ T.

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