Extraction Manager
Processing, drying, and packaging


Relevant Skills

Performing solventless ice water extraction , Learning new methods to achieve higher yields, Running efficient operation from harvesting to processing

Expertise Summary
  • George has 5 years of experience working with one of the largest, highest-quality organic cannabis grow facilities (over 100,000 sq. ft.).
    • His responsibilities included the management of 20 people in the harvest department.
    • He holds the skills necessary to help run an efficient operation from harvesting to processing.
  • George has 3 years of experience as a Lead Extraction artist in a solventless laboratory.
    • He performed solventless ice water extraction from fresh frozen trim, buds, and rosin.
    • George has experience in every step of the process–processing, drying, and packaging.
    • He’s also experienced in operating and learning new equipment used in processing.
  • George can adapt, experiment, and learn new methods to help achieve higher yields and faster processing times.
    • He possesses the knowledge of steps needed to make high-quality extraction with wonderful aroma and flavors, as well as favorable yields.
  • Having managed his own companies for many years, George is well aware of how to treat and talk to other employees and people, and has an energy that can light up a room.
    • He keeps work fun and motivates others to keep a positive mindset and attitude, creating a safe and happy work environment.

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