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VP of Compliance
Laws, regulations, contractual obligations, and best practices

Gina Cannabis Marketing Director driving digital marketing strategies

Relevant Skills

Designing, implementing, and managing compliance, Developing a disciplinary matrix with HR, Ensuring inappropriate conduct was tracked and trended

Expertise Summary
  • After 15 years working in healthcare, legal, and compliance departments, Gina entered the cannabis space in 2019.
    • As the VP of Compliance, Gina led the compliance program enterprise-wide by designing, implementing, and managing compliance functions to help ensure operations were consistent with laws, regulations, contractual obligations, and best practices.
  • Gina participated in hundreds of internal investigations over her years working in compliance.
    • To ensure inappropriate conduct was tracked, trended, and brought to light, she would work with various departments including HR and analytics.
    • She developed a disciplinary matrix with HR that was published for all employees to ensure full transparency.
  • Gina is passionate about education and training and believes it is a primary component in promoting a positive culture whereby accountability is elevated, poor conduct is identified, and proper governance is in place at the organization.
    • As a result of her passion, skills, and training, Gina worked with the Board of Directors, leadership, HR, providers, and retail staff on various topic training including RVT, Diversion Detection Training, Anti-Harassment Training, Workplace Safety (OSHA), Workplace Violence, Substance Abuse, Information Security Training (HIPAA) and Diversity Training.
    • She spearheaded the task of identifying best-in-class vendors to provide training, assisted with implementation, audited to ensure consistency, and negotiated a fair price for services.
  • Gina has a continuous passion for the cannabis industry and has served under 2 separate MSOs in their legal and compliance departments.
    • She understands that the complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape requires a nimble mind and dedication to understanding the laws and their application to all aspects of operations.
    • Within the medical and recreational cannabis industry, she has experience working with cannabis regulations in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York.

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