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HR Manager
Progressive HR Strategies

GisellePassionate HR Manager ready to elevate company culture

Relevant Skills

Diplomatic approach to leadership, strong conflict resolution, evolving environments within the cannabis industry

Expertise Summary
  • Giselle is a meticulous, enthusiastic self-starter with progressive experience in Human Resources and experience in the cannabis industry.
    • She is seeking an opportunity where she will advance with a growing company and be able to immerse herself by playing an integral role in their culture.
  • Before Giselle’s direct experience with Human Resources functions, she served as a Retail Leader, the Executive Assistant at a cannabis vaporizer company, and the Executive Assistant to the SVP, Human Resources at her current cannabis company.
  • As the Human Resources & Office Operations Manager, Giselle wears many hats.
    • She oversees recruiting, onboarding/off-boarding, succession planning, team management, retention management, and employee relations and investigations.
    • She also oversees 4 office employees, organizes and leads corporate initiatives and events, and is the primary point of contact for all locations.
  • Giselle spearheaded the implementation of the HRIS & payroll system and oversees the office management team’s annual budget–which reduced Selling, General and Administrative Expenses by 12% within the first year.
  • Giselle believes and thrives in a “boots on the ground” approach to Human Resources.
    • She has a propensity for building trust with employees and leadership and a diplomatic approach to conflict resolution.
    • She understands the culture of cannabis companies and working in evolving environments and is excited to help facilitate a culture for a great company that values its morale.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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