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Director of Sales & Marketing
Cross-market sales and omni-channel marketing

GloriaPersonable Sales & Marketing director in the cannabis industry

Relevant Skills

Strong relationship building, developing cross-marketing strategies, planning and execution of marketing campaigns

Expertise Summary
  • Gloria has experience working with cross-market sales with the marketing department.
    • She developed a relationship-building nurture campaign through omni-channel marketing.
    • She added streamlined communication between high, mid, and low-level leads and accounts through drip email campaigns, SEO, and lead gen.
  • Gloria has experience managing 500+ accounts and 150 active opportunities to develop quarterly KPIs for a cannabis payment point of sale system for the east coast market, state-by-state.
  • Gloria developed educational content and delivery for sales presentations, drip campaigns, events, collateral, retention, and customer training.
  • Gloria knows how to increase current incoming leads and account pipeline to exceed current sales goals.
    • She can increase your current retention rates with a strong AE relationship and cross-marketing.
  • Gloria has experience running successful events.
    • She specializes in brand growth and building new relationships through the successful planning, execution, and follow-up of viable cannabis events.
  • Gloria developed and executed funnel-marketing campaigns to increase clients’ revenue growth.
    • Solutions included website design and metrics management, SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media, blogging, and print advertising to increase client customer acquisition by +300-700% YOY.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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