Acquisitions and ERP in manufacturing and service companies


Relevant Skills

Driving acquisitions on the buy and sell sides, Leading ERP implementation, Helping companies aggressively scale

Expertise Summary
  • Graciel, CPA & MCA, has 4+ years in the financial cannabis space with a proven track record of driving acquisitions both on the buy-side and sell-side.
    • She has extensive operational due diligence experience from driving shorter-term financing solutions to get financially distressed companies to the point of being acquired.
    • On the flip side, she has been able to help growing companies aggressively scale through acquisitions.
  • As CFO of a cannabis company, Graciel helped lead the implementation of an ERP in cannabis, including several complex API integrations to state compliance systems.
    • In her many roles, she has driven the implementation of various ERPs in both manufacturing and service companies.
  • Graciel has replaced a terminated employee in many of her previous positions.
    • She is experienced and comfortable with cleanup work, turnarounds, and difficult board/shareholder conversations.
    • On a related note, she worked with diverse boards to help them gain a better understanding of financial outcomes or decision alternatives.
  • Graciel worked in diverse, highly regulated industries, from construction to healthcare to cannabis.
    • As a result, she has seen many different paths to operational excellence and has a broad network of resources she can access.
    • She can travel or would consider a remote position.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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