Finance & Operations Executive
Mergers, acquisitions, valuations, lease, and contract negotiations


Relevant Skills

Building financial management and accounting systems, Ensuring accurate and timely accounting and financial information, Developing KPIs

Expertise Summary
  • Graciella is an accomplished Finance and Operations Executive with 25+ years of comprehensive experience driving profitability and market share for both small ($100M) and large (over $1B) companies in a variety of industries (cannabis, manufacturing, software development, biotechnology, etc.).
  • As a cannabis executive, she built financial management and accounting systems, software, and reporting while overseeing a massive grow facility expansion and outdoor grow.
    • She developed/implemented robust demand planning, production, inventory management, and operational processes to integrate sales demand, product life cycle, production raw material yield, labor time studies, manufacturing, and material BOMs, ensuring adequate supply in a demand-intensive industry.
    • She managed full P&L, cashflow models (to maximize free cash flow), investor distributions, reinvestments, and reports to investors and the Board of Directors.
    • She developed a long-term strategic financial and cash model to ensure financial sustainability and predictability and a 3-year strategic growth plan, directed implementation, ensuring accurate and timely accounting and financial information, and developed KPIs.
  • Over the past 4 years in cannabis, Graciella implemented a highly effective planning methodology that integrated demand planning, inventory management, and production planning with multi-year financial planning models to support daily operations and strategic planning as well as external M&A and fundraising efforts.
    • She developed a robust multi-store, multi-brand SKU level demand, production, and inventory management planning process to properly allocate and forecast retail and optimize inventory management for profitability, focusing on price and volume mix margin implications.
  • Graciella’s accounting and finance background allowed her to evaluate and lead corporate expansion projects, including mergers, acquisitions, valuations, lease, and contract negotiations, and due diligence process to maximize EBITDA valuation.
    • This included due diligence, merger, and integration of a major Michigan-acquired partner.
    • She also oversaw 2 historical PCAOB audits and prior year restatement for tax resulting in multi-million dollar returns to the entity.
  • Graciella’s operations background allowed her to plan and implement strategic growth initiatives for the entire enterprise. She managed day-to-day company-wide operations and ensured accurate and timely accounting and financial information.
    • She directed/achieved corporate expansion from 2 medical-only distribution facilities to 3 new recreational cannabis outlets in less than 9 months.
    • Also, she grew revenue 51%, EBITDA to 31% for FY 2019 respectively, and improved product margins by 23% YOY.

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