Director of Retail Operations
Leadership development and leading large-scale and small independently owned teams


Relevant Skills

Curating successful teams, Increasing revenue , Ensuring all areas of the businesses are running smoothly

Expertise Summary
  • Greta is an executive leader with 17+ years of experience in retail management and 4 years in the cannabis industry.
    • She has a wealth of knowledge in leadership development and a proven track record of curating effective and successful teams.
    • She has a vast knowledge of developing goals and supporting teams to excel and achieve those goals.
  • Greta’s diverse background makes her stand out in the cannabis retail space, as she led multiple large-scale retail sales teams and small independently owned teams.
    • Her strength is her ability to get to the core of what needs to happen for a team to be successful.
    • Her in-depth knowledge of how to coach and develop teams into effective sales members and leaders is unlike most in the industry.
  • Greta has a strong record of sales and service.
    • As a Director of Retail Operations, she consistently increased revenue with her innovative approach to deals, selling incentives, and an outside-of-the-box approach to changes within the store to optimize efficiency.
    • She consistently achieves increases year after year.
  • Greta can pivot at a moment’s notice and come up with new and innovative plans to address the ever-changing global times and cannabis environment.
    • As Director of Retail Operations, she successfully opened 2 needed departments during the pandemic to ensure the store and team were running at optimal capacity while ensuring customers received the world-class service she expects from a team.
  • Greta has a strong ability to work alongside other executives to ensure all areas of the business are running smoothly and that there is a consistent team support environment in all her locations.
    • She has worked alongside other executives to ensure compliance, margins, and overall workplace HR standards are at 100%.

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