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Cultivation Supervisor
Cultivation/Project Management

GwenCreative cannabis cultivation supervisor deeply passionate about the industry

Relevant Skills

Creates harvest protocols, creative problem-solver, ability to manage & multi-task

Expertise Summary
  • Gwen graduated from UMBC with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science.
    • She started her career working in the horticulture industry at the state and federal level.
    • She eventually transitioned to the cannabis industry, which is where she has made her home, career, and found her love for the plant in the past 3 years.
  • Gwen helped a cannabis company have the first facility to obtain 50 grams per square foot of canopy per harvest and maintained that for 3 consecutive months.
    • She created and implemented new procedures and protocols for the setup, breakdown, and cleanup of the company’s weekly harvests to be more efficient in the time and energy spent between the cultivation and post-harvest departments (about 50 employees).
  • Gwen trained 15+ employees at a cannabis company on the proper pruning, defoliating, topping, and watering techniques based on the standards of each facility and the company as a whole.
    • She also trained them on harvesting, the creation of irrigation drip lines, the correct pH and EC parameters, trellis, scrogging, IPM scouting, basic plant biology, and more.
  • Gwen co-managed the preparation and installation of over 5,000+ plants/shrubs and trees for a landscape design project.
    • She also managed and directed 20 employees and 20 volunteers who assisted them with the installation.
  • Gwen managed the landscaping and garden maintenance of 6 different collections, as well as the inventory.
    • This is about 40 acres of land–between 10,000 – 20,000 plant specimens were her responsibility for her entire time there.
  • Gwen managed 2 interns, 15 volunteers, and all volunteers for big group projects throughout the year.

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