SVP of Operations
Project management skills and process improvements


Relevant Skills

Driving management accountability and increasing brand profitability , Developing high-density plantings, Instituting cycle counts to verify the accuracy of inventories

Expertise Summary
  • Haddon, MBA, has 20+ years as a Senior Operations Leader in agriculture, food manufacturing, and retail and is very passionate about the cannabis industry.
    • As the SVP of Operations for a cannabis company, he was responsible for all aspects of operations and expansion of 6 cultivations, 7 processing facilities, and 14 retail outlets and wholesale in CA, AZ, NV, OR, CO, and UT.
    • He is a straight shooter, open, honest with a sense of humor, and has world-class experience at the facility and corporate levels.
  • Haddon has grown lettuce, tree fruits, wine, and cannabis –each time incorporating best practices in improved yields, costs of farming, and measuring quality.
    • He developed high-density plantings for a few companies and increased yield by 400% while lowering costs by 17%.
  • In food manufacturing, he has strong project management skills and success using LEAN manufacturing principles–he has proven expertise in process improvements to $300 million, on scope, budget, and schedule.
    • He led a 600 employee facility to achieve TQM and performance of $7 million better than planned and drove safety experience mode reduction of 85% in 2 years by establishment of IIPP metrics
  • In retail sales, Haddon is experienced in the creative use of technology to drive operational and sales goals and introduced new VFF technology that increased industry capacity by 60%.
    • He developed the first operational P&Ls for a privately-owned company and measured them by KPIs to drive management accountability and increased brand profitability–revenue +25%, shipments +17%, depletions +21%, COGS 12%.
  • Haddon is very results-driven and tracked forecasts to sales, shipments, and depletions as KPIs to ensure the inventory balance of the distribution of 5MM case annual production.
    • He instituted cycle counts to verify the accuracy of inventories and created first demand and forward forecasts for private companies to balance production with sales–100% accuracy for all transfers and inventory as audited (40K barrels & 600 discrete lots).
    • He reduced the order to cash cycle by 35% through the implementation of ERP in inventory, purchasing, and COG.
    • He is also an expert in supply chain & logistics negotiation of supplier contracts.

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