Operations Leader
Statewide logistics and cohesive SOPs for cannabis compliance


Relevant Skills

Building teams, Executing SOPs for distribution, manufacturing, and compliance, Customer/public service

Expertise Summary
  • Haiden is a passionate, self-motivated troubleshooter and Operations Leader in the cannabis industry who excels at communication, organization, and creating lasting bonds with patients and community members.
    • He has 17+ years in customer/public service, 10+ years of cannabis experience, and a background in distribution, manufacturing, and technology.
    • He is also fluent in Spanish.
  • Haiden worked and partnered with 40+ well-known cannabis brands on the West Coast.
  • During his time at a premier cannabis company, Haiden aligned 30 suppliers to secure all types of cannabis flower, vape oils, edibles, and concentrates.
    • He acquired pallets of supplies to secure materials for manufacturing – 7 different 1/8 glass jars/lids, 7 different pre-rolls, and 7 vape types.
  • Haiden’s nearly 20 years of working for the government prepared him for statewide logistics and the ability to create cohesive SOPs for cannabis compliance.
    • He has experience building teams and executing SOPs for distribution, manufacturing, and compliance.

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