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Cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and retail

HalAn award-winning cannabis COO

Relevant Skills

Developing KPI and budgeting, Creating SOPs and reporting, Developing a robust IPM program

Expertise Summary
  • Hal is an award-winning cannabis leader and innovator with 10 years of experience in cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and retail.
    • As a seasoned Operations Professional, Hal led cross-functional teams and is highly skilled in compliance and oversight, business development, SOP creation, project management, team development and leadership, budgeting and KPI development, inventory management, and brand management.
  • The owners of a prominent flower & concentrate brand that lacked organizational structure, efficient processes, and strategic leadership recruited Hal for their C-suite to lead the team into a large growth phase.
    • He was responsible for running the day-to-day operations and reporting to the board, which is where ownership spends the bulk of their time.
    • As the company C-suite leader, he grew the company from a small mom-and-pop shop to a mid-size category leader in the adult-use cannabis market.
  • At a cannabis company, Hal strategized and led the revamped cultivation system, switching the nutrient lines, developing a robust IPM program, and expanding the breeding program.
    • He expanded from a single license medical cultivation site (5,000 sq. ft.) to a double licensed recreational facility (80,000 sq. ft.) and led the development of cost-cutting measures and efficiency improvements during the flower price crash–where they emerged unscathed and more efficient than ever.
  • On the manufacturing side, Hal led the transition from a costly in-house manufacturing facility at a small and poorly built laboratory to an outsourced 3rd party supply chain.
    • COGS decreased by 15%, liability and complexity lessened, and product quality and consistency were maintained.
    • This enabled the company to focus on cultivation, marketing, and sales, which were more in line with the core competency of the team.
  • Hal was also recruited by a former tech entrepreneur to oversee the development of a cannabis conglomerate.
    • It consisted of a 3 phase plan: a medical dispensary, a production company (flower and hydrocarbon extracts), and a wholesale company.
    • He was responsible for building the combined entities from the ground up.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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