• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 4
  • Expertise: Building brand awareness through marketing/advertising initiatives


Relevant Skills

Planning and executing wholesale and marketing programs Researching, marketing, and launching cannabis product lines Planning new market penetration/acquisitions

Expertise Summary

  • Haley is a passionate sales professional with a unique background–most recently as the Director of Sales and Marketing at a cannabis company.
    • She has the proven ability to plan and execute successful wholesale and marketing programs within the highly regulated and complex cannabis industry.
  • Haley built the market from scratch and knows the strong motivation and results-driven expertise it takes to achieve revenue goals.
    • She exceeded her sales goal by 38% and had reoccurring orders in 95% of the dispensaries.
    • She also has researched, marketed, and launched multiple new cannabis product lines.
  • Haley has excellent work ethics and integrity that translates into a leader who brings excellent interpersonal communication skills, transparency, and a solid executive presence to drive consistent team successes.
    • Having owned a successful company for several years before getting into the cannabis space, she knows the work it takes to build brands effectively and expeditiously.
  • Haley has experience at a cannabis business with successfully planning and accomplishing new market penetration/acquisitions while building brand awareness through marketing/advertising initiatives.
    • She is highly adept at relationship building, bringing with her a wealth of established contacts nationwide with solidified partnerships with top MSO buyers throughout the United States.
    • She thrives in the fast-paced cannabis space where she can closely work with operations to conduct “bottoms-up” analyzing, forecasting, planning, new product implementations/rollouts, and competitive pricing models for the highest profitability.
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