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Supply Chain Manager
Operations and supply chain management

Halson Operations Leader with over two decades of experience

Relevant Skills

Overseeing end-to-end supply chain processes, managing teams ranging from 30 to 4,000 employees, data-driven decision-making

Expertise Summary
  • With 20+ years of operational and supply chain expertise, Halson stands out as a major contributor to the long-term success of any organization.  
    • His diverse background includes managing multiple plants and overseeing end-to-end supply chain processes.  
    • Halson has played instrumental roles in designing and constructing warehouses, production lines, and a 200,000 sq. ft. vertical farm facility with cold storage processing capabilities. 
  • Halson’s track record reflects a commitment to achieving exceptional and sustainable results.  
    • He has successfully installed and implemented standard processes and operating systems, garnering valuable experience from major companies in food and beverages.  
    • His leadership extends to managing teams ranging from 30 to 4,000 employees, including roles such as Plant Managers, Sr. Director of Operations and Supply Chain–GMs and VPs. 
  • Having navigated revenue management from $60 million to $2 billion, Halson’s financial acumen is evident.  
    • At a farm, he accurately forecasted a $60 million revenue in the first year.  
    • Additionally, he has effectively managed annual operating expenses ranging from $200 million to $600 million and capital expenses reaching up to $70 million.  
    • His professional journey encompasses Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurship through his start-up consulting firm, and a hands-on approach to supporting small organizations, as exemplified in leading the startup, entrepreneurial risk, and reward process of the company. 
  • As a leader, Halson prioritizes identifying key issues, fostering alignment, driving volume growth, improving margins, supporting innovation, building cohesive teams, reviewing scorecards, ensuring compliance, and implementing sustainable continuous improvement processes.  
    • His strategic mindset, attention to detail, data-driven decision-making, motivational leadership style, change management skills, and unwavering commitment to safety and quality collectively define his approach to leadership.  
    • In essence, he brings a comprehensive skill set and a results-oriented philosophy to drive success in any organizational setting. 

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