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VP of Marketing
Marketing and Brand Development

HanPassionate VP of Marketing who champions teamwork

Relevant Skills

Leading innovative sales strategies , finding creative solutions for complex challenges, natural communicator

Expertise Summary
  • Han brings extensive executive experience in sales, marketing, brand development, strategic partnerships, and team building, with 4+ years in the cannabis industry and 10+ years in the beverage alcohol sector.
    • He uses his insights, skills, and passion to create, implement, and lead innovative sales strategies successfully driving revenue and exceeding goals in highly competitive and regulated industries.
  • Han oversees all brand marketing responsibilities and initiatives for a major cannabis company with licensed products currently selling in 2 markets.
    • He is responsible for bringing all brands to market and their P&L.
    • He creates and directs all marketing strategies, campaigns, and go-to-market planning, tactics, budgets, timelines, and KPIs.
    • In a previous role, Han was responsible for all aspects of sales and marketing for 20+ cannabis brands.
  • Han is results-driven, highly adaptable, and committed to finding creative solutions for complex challenges, which is what originally drew him to the cannabis industry.
    • Han sees this moment in history as a profound opportunity to lead the industry with quality products, relatable brands, and wide-ranging customer access to education and advocacy.
  • A natural communicator who brings out the best in everyone on his team, Han creates and executes strategic sales objectives with clearly defined goals, incentivized compensation, effective sales tactics and training, and measurable metrics designed to track progress and adapt as needed.
    • As the leading Sales Director for an iconic beer brand, Han built a team from 6 existing sales reps in 4 markets to 24 highly motivated sales specialists in 17 focus markets, making it the fastest-growing brand and most profitable beer within its portfolio.
  • Han’s career has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to consistently identifying routes to success, no matter how challenging.
  • Always sharing the win, aligning on long-term vision and objectives, and mentoring his team are his most rewarding accomplishments.

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