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Operations Manager
SOPs, policies, audits, and product forecasting

HannahCannabis Operations Manager with product forecasting prowess

Relevant Skills

Ensuring policies and SOPs were followed, Creating and implementing updated safety measures, Assisting with product forecasting and needs

Expertise Summary
  • Hannah started her career at one of the most well-known cannabis multi-state operators, where she worked as a Dispensary Agent until being transferred to cultivation.
  • Hannah honed her processing and packaging skills and transitioned to a managerial position at another cannabis company.
    • She ensured all policies and SOPs were being followed and created and implemented updated safety measures.
    • She also led every government audit, never experiencing a “fail” at any inspection–none of their products caused a dispensary to fail an inspection since everything is closely put through a quality assurance stage.
  • As a Processing and Packaging Operations Manager, Hannah earned two helpful degrees: a BA in Psychology and a Master’s in Sports Management.
    • The psychology degree is helpful as this is very much a people-driven business – with lots of personalities to manage.
    • She uses her sports management background on a day-to-day basis because of her leadership and team mentality. She used these skills when working as a Public and Community Relations Coordinator for 2 NFL teams.
  • Hannah is a big believer in working smarter, not harder, leading her to research and do budget analysis for a packaging machine.
    • She is experienced in making large purchasing decisions after months of research and presenting to her General Manager the pros and cons of a specific company and machine.
    • She also coordinated the on-site construction of the machine and was tasked with hiring the machine department and creating the SOPs.
    • After 6 months of troubleshooting, getting the right team, and scheduling on-site customer assistance, the packaging machine helped double the volume.
  • When Hannah took over in 2019, sales soared, leading to larger orders and dispensaries requesting more products.
    • She had weekly meetings with the General Manager to review delinquent customers and seasonal products and took weekly phone calls with the dispensary owners to assist with product forecasting and needs.
  • When Hannah started at a dispensary, she was in charge of 4 people in 1 department–later, she was managing 20 people spread over 4 departments.
    • She regularly held her workers accountable and if a verbal warning did not suffice, she would work with HR to determine the next steps.
    • She assisted in the hiring of day laborers for the newly constructed 100,000 sq. ft. dutch-style greenhouse– 70 workers were hired that same day (pending a background check).
    • She is a trustworthy decision-maker that can help move a company forward because she understands the industry from top to bottom.

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