• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 8
  • Expertise: Analyzing and dealing with data


Relevant Skills

Developing analytics in the cannabis industry Setting up the data analytics department Analyzing and dealing with data

Expertise Summary

  • Harland MBA, CAPM, has 8 years of progressive technical operations analytics experience with the last 5 years developing analytics in the cannabis industry, integrating QuickBooks and METRC.
  • At a cannabis company, Harland was one of the first 30 employees.
    • He set up the data analytics department, integrating QuickBooks, METRC, and Salesforce, using SQL and Power BI.
  • The cannabis company he worked for spun off a CBD company, and the CEO for that organization took Harland with him to do the same for a new company.
    • Harland has also been consulting for other cannabis companies.
  • Harland loves the challenge of dealing with and analyzing data in the cannabis industry and looks to be on a rising team.
    • He resides in Oregon and would prefer to stay, work remotely, and commute when necessary. However, he will consider moving to New York for the right opportunity.
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