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Operations Manager
Operations, accounting, and marketing

HarlaneExperienced Operations Manager with 9+ years of experience.

Relevant Skills

Regulatory compliance, operations management, distribution

Expertise Summary
  • Harlane has spent close to a decade in the cannabis industry with a primary focus on post-processing, packaging, and distribution.  
    • He held multiple roles with 2 different MSOs exposing him to every aspect of the cannabis business.  
    • From accounting, marketing, and operations, Harlane has been an asset in establishing the cost of goods sold, branding, and facility efficiencies.   
  • Harlane has experience developing training programs utilized for all new hires which helped employees learn to facilitate their role and why their role is so important.  
    • This created higher employee retention and greater satisfaction within the departments managed by him.   
  • In 2020, Harlane was promoted to General Manager of a cannabis business where he managed a 100k sq. ft. facility supporting 4 dispensaries by manufacturing a full menu of CPG products resulting in an increase of year-over-year revenue by 20% 
  • Since 2020, Harlane was brought on to support the expansion efforts of another cannabis company where he managed the Finished Products Division consisting of 3 independent state departments.  
    • He successfully launched multiple SKUs expanding product offerings and increasing market penetration.   
  • Throughout his career, Harlane has established inventory control measures to accurately account for packaged goods, work-in-progress inventory, and forecasting.  
    • This provided the Marketing, Accounting, and Wholesale Team with future and real-time data used to better serve the business operations. 

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