Sales Leader
Brand marketing and key partnership development


Relevant Skills

Developing scalable marketing strategies and campaigns, Incorporating aggressive modern tactics, Commissioning highly experienced lifestyle agencies

Expertise Summary
  • Harlen is an accomplished Sales Leader with 15+ years of focused experience in brand marketing and key partnership development in the alcohol and cannabis industries.
  • At a cannabis company, Harlen developed scalable marketing strategies and campaigns tailored to all 40 target markets and their stores by understanding city-specific, psycho-demographic details.
    • Harlen accelerated a marketing strategy dynamic for 5+ proprietary brands by commissioning highly experienced lifestyle agencies known for successful launch campaigns within the alcohol industry.
    • The company was positioned to outpace the competitive market until the inevitable Covid-19 disruption.
  • Harlen led the senior leadership organization at 2 companies in detailed discussions with alcohol distributors for the advancement of national distribution for CBD and cannabis.
  • Harlen worked in tandem with a government lobbyist think tank to enhance awareness surrounding the financial benefits cannabis industries bring at the state and national levels.
  • At an alcoholic beverage company, Harlen enhanced the existing prestige luxury sales and marketing department by incorporating aggressive modern tactics, resulting in global participation and gross sales of $1B.
    • He was integral to the modernization and development of a label that launched in the US, capturing over 80% market share in the process.

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