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Loss Prevention Director
Identifying fraud and theft in company


Relevant Skills

Driving operational efficiencies, Developing credit card fraud detection system , Saving money by discovering POS system issues

Expertise Summary
  • Harvey is a Loss Prevention Director who can help identify where fraud and theft are occurring in your company.
    • With access to the vast amounts of data being created by the cannabis industry, he can also help drive process improvement and operational efficiencies across your business.
    • He worked in established businesses in widely diverse industries with robust Loss Prevention programs in place.
  • While at a popular clothing retailer, Harvey saved the company more than $1M in “shrink” after discovering an operational issue with the Point of Sale system.
  • In 2016, Harvey saved a company roughly $500,000 in credit card chargebacks by developing a system that detected credit card fraud and prevented the transaction from “hitting the books”.
  • Due to discount abuse, Harvey made a business case for eliminating a discount that caused $750,000 of loss in one quarter alone.
  • For another company, Harvey discovered that various Center Managers were using the company’s account for personal business–these employees were subsequently interviewed and terminated.
    • He also initiated an investigation into the center/vendor relationship, which indicated that centers were ordering merchandise, food, and alcohol for their personal use, as well as resale on other sites.

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