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Cannabis Cultivator
Passionate Cannabis Cultivator working to achieve maximum results

HassimA cannabis cultivation professional motivated by KPIs

Relevant Skills

Highly efficient, careful & detail-oriented, scientific problem-solving

Expertise Summary
  • Hassim is an ornamental horticulture specialist with 12+ years of experience in the cannabis industry.
    • Being born into agriculture and attending an agriculture school helped him gain extensive knowledge in growing several crop types (corn, beans, garlic, potatoes, cannabis, etc.)
  • Hassim co-founded a state-of-the-art cannabis facility exporting to the European market and as a secondary business specializing in earth moving & construction since 2002.
  • Hassim is proficient in ensuring industry standard yield & potency requirements motivated by KPIs.
    • He efficiently increased harvest cycles to lessen/ even out the annual workload and worked closely with plant cycles maximizing yield and surface area in the cultivation space.
  • Hassim has experience managing indoor, outdoor, and hybrid greenhouses up to 30,000 sq. ft.
    • He also managed 50+ staff members from the ground to the management level.
  • Hassim prides himself on his scientific approach to plant health and carefully monitored climate parameters, which allow for low to no impact of biotic and A-biotic stress factors.
    • Ultimately, this positively affects the yield and quality of the final product.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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