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Cultivation Manager
Implementing SOPs and improving processes


Relevant Skills

Ensuring proper workflow and compliance, Increasing production , Improving post-harvest process

Expertise Summary
  • At a cannabis company, Hayes implemented new SOPs in the cloning phase and vegetative phase, cutting clone time from 21 days to 14 days, and reducing veg time from 4 weeks to 2 weeks.
    • This allowed the facility to streamline the veg process and reduce the amount of veg space necessary by 2/3, effectively creating space for a fifth flower room.
    • He increased total flowering canopy and in-turn production by 25%.
    • The process did away with a massive amount of plant work in the veg and flower rooms, by eliminating topping, reducing undergrowth, and making plants finish at the correct distance from the lights, meaning ideal PAR, to maximize yield and potency.
  • Hayes improved the post-harvest process by increasing the number of dehumidifiers in the dry room, achieving ideal environmental control from the beginning.
    • He used oxyphos and sulfur during flowering, and chlorine dioxide and ozone during drying, to mitigate mold and mildew from growing on the product.
    • He revolutionized the workflow by changing the containers the weed was kept in, adding hygrometers, installing humidifiers and a humidistat, and training the trim manager on SOPs.
    • He worked closely with the distribution manager through the state-mandated testing process to ensure maximum percentages of the THC were achieved.
  • At another cannabis company, Hayes was responsible for implementing METRC.
    • He built the entire system from the ground up, ensuring proper workflow and compliance at each step.
    • Mothers, clones, veg, flower, harvest & post-harvest, drying, trimming, curing, inventory, sales, and transportation manifests, were all updated and recorded in METRC.
  • Hayes started a brand-new facility for another cannabis company from the ground up.
    • He created SOPs for each phase of plant growth and post-harvest, set up the TGC fertigation machine, and created a system for using a 3 tiered vertical archive bench veg.
    • He created an innovative double net back-to-back to the ceiling drying technique to dry 10,000 sq. ft. of canopy in a 1,000 sq. ft. room.
    • He propagated enough plants to fill 3 x 10,000 sq. ft. greenhouses out of a single room using 3 tiered vertical farming.

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