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VP of Sales
Sales/Brand Development

HeathProven VP of Sales with 13+ years of experience.

Relevant Skills

People management, Sales strategy, Brand development

Expertise Summary
  • Heath has been an executive in the Cannabis Industry for 7+ years with over 13+ years industry experience total.   
    • He is a natural born leader who loves helping others achieve their goals.  
    • His skills include sales, sales strategy, marketing, licensing, forecasting, people management, brand development, product development, internal control, operations, and data analytics. 
  • Heath was the first non-cultivation employee hired at a premier cannabis business, where he took over the sales and marketing departments.  
    • In 2 years, he built out the sales organization and internal controls–he built sales up to $25 million annually and serviced 350+ dispensaries throughout California.  
    • He also worked on the application for their 1st retail license. 
    • Heath handled all high-level sales responsibilities, which included sales strategies, internal controls and SOP creation, pricing, go-to-market strategies, product line development, and was heavily involved with the brand development from concept to market.  
  • Heath co-founded his own company, a full-service sales and fulfillment company servicing the California cannabis market.  
    • He wrote the application that granted the company its license. 
    • Over 5+ years, he worked with 15+ brands, 370+ dispensaries, and created over $14 million in revenue for its brand partners.  
    • He oversaw the 500K buildout of the facility, handled all accounting, budgeting, forecasting, government relations, compliance, and built out all the company’s SOPs.  
    • He implemented the entire strategic plan for the company, managed cash flows, balance sheet improvement, inventory management, and handled all investor relations.  
  • With 13+ years of experience in the cannabis industry and in an extremely vast network, Heath has experience with retail and advertising along with the 7+ years of executive sales experience. 
    • He has a keen awareness of cannabis consumers wants and needs.  
    • He also holds his own book of business, where he made $2.57 million in sales in 2022 and $2.21 million in sales in 2021, holding relationships with almost every major retailer in Northern California.  
    • He has passion for the cannabis plant and is one of the most experienced cannabis sales executives in the space. 

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