• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 4
  • Expertise: Developing SOPs for all cultivation activities


Relevant Skills

Leading teams and navigating interpersonal conflicts Establishing working relationships with world-renowned academic researchers Reducing operational costs and environmental pollution

Expertise Summary

  • Hudson has a BS in Agriculture with a major in Soil and Water Science and a minor in Chemistry.
    • He has completely eradicated root aphids, powdery mildew, and spider mites from a facility.
    • Hudson has experience leading teams and navigating interpersonal conflicts while always upholding professionalism and integrity.
  • Hudson developed SOPs for all cultivation activities that take place at a 22,000 sq ft cannabis facility.
    • Procedures span every activity from propagation, data collection, daily monitoring of plants, equipment functionality, IPM spray mixing and application, post-harvest room cleaning, stock tank mixing, and more.
    • He trained the cultivation staff from the ground up on the majority of activities that take place in the garden and his team’s post-harvest cleaning strategy ensures a turnaround time that is 300% more efficient than initial practices.
  • Hudson systematically created a targeted nutrient top-off strategy for a recirculating hydroponic environment that saves 50-70% of water and nutrients compared to the beginning fertigation approach.
    • This improvement dramatically reduces operational costs and environmental pollution while enhancing total medicinal yields.
    • He has established a working relationship with world-renowned academic researchers.
  • Hudson and his cultivation team consistently collaborate to systematize the timing of every task at the facility through the use of an app-based scheduling software.
    • Each planting cycle is tracked, and individual tasks are logged, allowing for complete transparency and accountability from propagation to harvest.
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