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Cultivation Manager
Managing large production operations


Relevant Skills

Directing all aspects of plant growth, Producing crops in greenhouses with limited climate control, Developing SOPs across different departments

Expertise Summary
  • Jaron has substantial experience managing large production operations that generate high-quality, high-yield crops.
    • After graduating from Auburn University with a double major in agricultural economics and horticulture, he began his career overseeing 1.7 million square feet of greenhouse production and 1.1 million square feet of outdoor field production, producing annuals and perennials for big box stores.
  • Since 2018, he led the cultivation department that services multiple medical cannabis treatment centers, directing all aspects of plant growth for multiple facilities as large as 240,000 square feet producing over 5,000 plants per week.
    • His ability to successfully produce crops in greenhouses with limited climate controls can be attributed to his comprehensive research of both genetics and growing practices.
    • His genetic library was narrowed down from 100+ different phenotypes, and he has a catalog of several strains that perform exceptionally well.
  • Jaron applies traditional horticultural methods and protocols to cannabis in a way that is rarely seen in the industry.
    • He utilizes a weekly spray program paired with the application of beneficial predators to maintain the health of his crops.
    • Using various OMRI-certified chemicals, he eradicates any and all plant diseases to produce healthy crops.
    • He has very close relationships with some of the world’s most renowned experts in beneficial predators, and the program that he has developed over several years has successfully eliminated the large list of native Florida pests that commonly create issues.
  • Jaron has successfully achieved GMP certification twice, developed a close relationship with the Department of Health and the Department of Agriculture to secure and maintain state regulatory compliance, and developed solid SOPs across different departments and business units.
    • He knows how to push through the obstacles that often plague a start-up.
  • Jaron is a natural leader and has a history of building teams that are not just efficient and productive, but also loyal.
    • The first team he managed was comprised mainly of immigrant workers from Mexico and Guatemala–he learned to speak Spanish so that he could communicate clearly with his team.
    • His department is typically seen as being the hardest-working, while also being the most loyal.

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