Cultivation Manager
Environmental control systems, lighting schedules, and irrigation systems


Relevant Skills

Leading cohesive and collaborative teams, Mitigating pathogen problems, Solving irrigation issues to lower water costs

Expertise Summary
  • Jarred is a goal-driven Cultivation Manager who leads cohesive and collaborative teams.
    • He has 14 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, accompanied by multiple years of experience in restaurant management.
    • His culinary education, management experience, and years of cannabis plant care helped him successfully lead teams in farm and greenhouse cultivation and edible infusion production.
  • Jarred helped with the successful completion of build-outs to specifications required by law and the tasks required to complete the different processing stages.
    • He ensured that the facilities are aware of needs promptly to avoid any loss of production.
    • He chooses supplies and equipment based on many factors including effectiveness, cost, long-term usefulness, time management, ease of installation/implementation, and ease of use for the job it is needed for.
  • Ensuring the team has open communication and an understanding of all roles is an integral part of how Jarred increases productivity.
    • He has a high level of standards that he expects his team to adhere to and procedures that will be followed to ensure the optimum outcome for the harvest. When issues in a team are found, he will work with team members to solve problems and continue productivity.
  • Jarred’s extensive knowledge in caring for the cannabis plant allowed him to mitigate pathogen problems that others had missed before it killed off any of the plants within the facility.
    • He enjoys working with the plant at all stages and understands the needs of the plant and how to produce better yields.
    • He has problem solved irrigation issues to lower water costs and figured out nutrient and pest control needs of individual plants based on observations and inspections of the crops.
  • Jarred enjoys working with his hands and is mechanically inclined.
    • He has experience putting up commercial fencing, outfitting a grow with sub-pump and irrigation systems, as well as cost-efficient LED lights.
    • He has operated environmental control systems, irrigation systems, lighting schedules, tractors, 4 wheelers, gators, backhoes, front loaders, and more.

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