Marketing Director
Marketing, branding, product development, strategy, and execution


Relevant Skills

Driving all marketing initiatives, functions, and activities, Working with limited resources and budgets, Creating and launching time-sensitive services

Expertise Summary
  • Jenae has 10+ years of marketing experience beginning in roles requiring promotional, experiential, event, brand ambassador work, and extending through owning and driving all marketing initiatives, functions, and activities as a Marketing Director, most of which focused on CPG brands within regulated markets (food & beverage, spirits, cannabis).
  • In her most recent marketing role in the cannabis industry, Jenae was responsible for all marketing, branding, product development, strategy, and execution for a multi-state dispensary organization with verticals in retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, distribution, and product development as well.
    • She has the ability to work with limited resources and budgets, as well as manage million dollar+ budgets with direct oversight.
  • Throughout the pandemic, Jenae created and launched various time-sensitive services with minimal support/staff such as curbside pickup, direct-to-consumer delivery, and in-store customer queues with less than 24 hours from planning to launch.
  • Marketing oversight included but was not limited to, traditional marketing, digital, events, experiential, retail, philanthropic and community outreach, advertising, brand development, packaging sourcing/design/purchasing, email & SMS marketing, all corporate communications (internal and external), manufacturing timelines, brand launches, as well as managing a team of direct reports.
    • Outside of marketing functions of the core business, Jenae developed and managed key relationships with brands, vendors, and manufacturing partners
  • Additionally, Jenae led the development, planning, and execution of launching a farm-to-consumer store-in-store concept within the dispensaries which connected master growers and their farms directly with consumers, while offering a ‘wholesale’ approach to products sold within the space.

2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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