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CPG Operations Expert
Leadership in cannabis and CPG industries

Jonas Expert with successful track record in cannabis and CPG industries

Relevant Skills

Orchestrating successful capital raise, spearheading company expansion, investor relation skills

Expertise Summary
  • Jonas is a dynamic and results-driven executive with a successful track record in both the cannabis and global consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries.  
  • Currently, Jonas serves as the head of national supply chain operations for a prominent cannabis technology company, overseeing a portfolio that has demonstrated adaptability and regulatory acumen.  
    • In 2023 alone, he successfully launched operations in 8 new states, managing over $500M in GMV, underscoring his adaptability and regulatory acumen.
  • In his previous role as CEO of a major California cannabis company, Jonas achieved remarkable growth, elevating revenue from $30M to $55M within a 2-year timeframe.  
    • His strategic leadership encompassed diverse accomplishments, including the launch of 35 new SKUs, the implementation of a 10-acre outdoor cultivation program, reducing costs by 15%, and the introduction of an ERP program that streamlined financial processes. 
  • Notably, Jonas orchestrated a successful capital raise of $15M supported by transparent and auditable financials.  
    • He spearheaded the company’s expansion into multiple states through licensing and strategic joint ventures, adding $5M in revenue.  
    • Additionally, he forged a groundbreaking joint venture with a global beer manufacturer, resulting in the launch of the company’s number one beverage SKU.  
    • These initiatives were complemented by the development and execution of the company’s first strategic operating plan and enhancements to governance and compliance through diversifying the board of directors. 
  • With 12+ years of international living, Jonas has cultivated strong leadership skills, demonstrating adaptability and cultural awareness.  
    • His collaborative and coaching leadership style is evident in mentoring teams with a focus on results and progressive responsibility.  
  • With 20 years of executive leadership in global multi-billion-dollar CPG and Medical Devices companies, Jonas has raised over $100M in capital, showcasing financial acumen and investor relations skills. 
    • He has a well-versed understanding of regulatory requirements for publicly traded companies in the US and Canada combined with a proven track record of driving continuous improvement and implementing strategic plans. 
    • He is a seasoned and accomplished leader in high-growth startups and middle-market companies. 





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