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Marketing Professional
Marketing and Retail

Jones Cannabis marketing expert who thrives in challenging markets

Relevant Skills

Analyzing buyer habits , expanding retail insights , developing trade strategy

Expertise Summary
  • Jones is an accomplished Marketing Professional with almost 10 years of experience in the cannabis retail, beverage, and media industries. 
  • In his most recent endeavors, Jones started a retail establishment and sustained profitability in a challenging market.  
    • His past experiences in trade marketing helped the development of the trade strategy he implemented for a cannabis business. 
  • As the Marketing Director, Jones created a trade marketing mechanism for a vertically integrated cannabis company utilizing socials, discounts, billboards, in-store merchandising, and external email and text communication, all bundled and sold to high-margin brands.  
    • He created revenue for marketing, and units sold increased by at least 80% on targeted brands. 
    • He also grew the in-store margin by almost 10%. 
  • Jones used targeted marketing around ad consumers’ buying habits data to ensure relevant text and email communication of discounts and events.  
    • The open rate increased by 250%, costs were reduced by 80%, and the volume of communication remained constant. 
  • Additionally, Jones’s expertise extends to understanding the impact of 280E, storage versus consumer space, and incorporating packing and stocking in budtenders’ job descriptions to optimize labor-related write-offs. 
  • Jones’s extensive retail journey commenced with a popular food and beverage brand’s off-premises operations in Boston, refining his skills in merchandising and crafting point-of-sales displays.  
    • At the time, he expanded retail insights to newsstands and magazine racks.  
  • At another prominent food and beverage brand, trade marketing was the linchpin of his depletion strategies, deepening his grasp of retail dynamics. 

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