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Business development, operations, and sales

JonnCannabis COO skilled in navigating corporations

Relevant Skills

Navigating large and small corporations through reorganization, Improving gross sales, Overseeing, managing, and raising organization's image

Expertise Summary
  • Jonn is an innovative executive with extensive business development, operations, and sales experience within highly competitive markets.
    • He is an analytical strategist skilled in successfully navigating corporations–large and small–through periods of reorganization and accelerated growth.
    • He is a collaborative communicator continually focused on building relationships and driving impactful initiatives across business lines and multiple channels.
  • As COO for a vertically integrated cannabis operation, Jonn was recruited by the Board of Directors to oversee, manage, and raise the professional image of the organization.
    • He developed and implemented employee policy, benefits, and procedure manuals.
    • Jonn increased margins by 20% leveraging vendors, implementing purchasing guidelines, and adjusting pricing strategies as needed.
  • He developed and implemented numerous P&L reports to review actual results.
  • Also, as COO, Jonn ensured costs were allocated properly to minimize impact at year end for 280E.
    • He improved gross sales close to $3.5M by drastically improving customer service, marketing, pricing, etc.
  • Jonn ensured all licenses, permits, etc. were always in compliance and maintained consistent communications with legal personnel.
    • Additionally, he moved grow operations from a 10K sq. ft. facility to a 116K sq. ft. facility.
    • He improved plant count from Tier 1 to Tier 5 in the new facility and ensured that all additional products not earmarked for retail were moved through the wholesale market each month.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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