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Purchasing Manager
Supply Chain & Procurement Management

JorgePurchasing & Procurement Manager who builds high-value relationships

Relevant Skills

Building relationships between companies and suppliers, developing purchasing systems, maintaining balanced stock levels

Expertise Summary
  • Jorge is an experienced Purchasing and Procurement Manager with 10+ years of experience building high-value relationships between companies and suppliers.
    • He has experience in supply chain and inventory, product, and procurement management.
    • In the past 5 years, he focused on developing his knowledge of the cannabis industry, from clones to the retail customer–most specifically with managing procurement 1P and 3P items and support pieces.
    • He has a Master of Cannabis certificate (2022).
  • At a cannabis company, Jorge led the pre-roll cone packaging savings project, which is forecasted to drop cost per unit 80.34%.
    • For the 2023 420 projects, he executed and brought to market 4 projects with constant shifting direction due to regulatory navigation.
    • He led salability and sensory training in 2022 on site.
  • Jorge developed, implemented, and maintained a centralized purchasing system that included R&D, operations, and corporate offices across the US.
    • He coordinated with teams in Colorado, Wisconsin, and California to drive purchasing through a centralized system, maximizing supply volume with suppliers to gain cost efficiency.
  • Jorge achieved improved costs and supply availability through improved communications and relationships with vendors of goods and services.
    • He fast tracked a 45,000 sq. ft. greenhouse renovation project, allowing clone production to expand to harvestable full-term plants–this was necessary to fast track in 2018-2019 when the hemp market crashed, requiring a shift from clones to harvested flower.
  • For a lab, Jorge was responsible for maintaining the balance of stock levels that support effective production operations in an effort to keep inventory costs down while maintaining a zero-backorder goal for the company with a major emphasis of running just-in-time inventory.
    • He managed over 2K supporting items for over 200 finished SKUs.

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