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Lab Manager
Advanced microbiology and extraction

KameronLab Manager with extensive education in the cannabis industry

Relevant Skills

Advanced microbiology techniques, novel extraction techniques, developing and managing operations budgets

Expertise Summary
  • Kameron has a bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology–he minored in Chemistry.
    • He learned advanced microbiology techniques as a research assistant and developed his leadership skills as a student supervisor in University Housing.
  • Kameron held a chemist position at a police department where he self-managed casework, wrote technical reports, and acquired instrument maintenance proficiency.
    • He developed a GCMS method that successfully separated coeluting designer drug analogues that were deemed nearly impossible to resolve.
  • Kameron returned to the University of Illinois as a Ph.D. student where he conducted research on the effects of THC on rodents.
    • He explored novel extraction techniques for isolating and quantifying endocannabinoids in blood serum samples alongside a partnered lab.
  • Kameron became a Chemistry Analyst at a cannabis testing lab.
    • The facility closed shortly after his arrival, but he was kept on board to validate and open lab sites in 2 states and worked his way up to Lab Manager.
    • He determined the root cause of unusual cannabis matrix-specific effects that yielded problematic arsenic counts on the ICP.
    • Kameron developed the laboratory monthly operations budget and an assay pricing scheme compliant with regulations.
    • He also provided technical support to ownership regarding equipment, ordering that saved the company $4,000 in parts.
  • Kameron co-authored a paper published in The European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) Journal.

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