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Marketing Director
Building brands

Kelli Cannabis marketing director with over a decade of experience

Relevant Skills

Building and launching brands , managing relationships with organizations , negotiating prices

Expertise Summary
  • Kelli is a skilled Marketing Director with 10+ years of experience building and launching CPG, technology, and cannabis brands. 
  • In 2020, Kelli transitioned her skills from the sportswear industry to cannabis.  
    • Since then, she has successfully opened 4 dispensaries, launched 15+ products, and re-launched the acquisition of a cannabis company.  
    • In addition, she devised and executed the strategy for 2 cannabis technology platforms. 
  • As Trade Marketing Manager, Kelli built and managed 40+ relationships with publications, agencies, and organizations in 6 states, both cannabis and non-cannabis, landing media coverage and sponsorship opportunities.  
    • She was responsible for managing the budget and negotiating prices with these partners.  
  • Kelli has a passion for supporting communities impacted by the War on Drugs.  
    • She has hosted numerous community education events, expungement clinics, and stigma-breaking gatherings that push accessible and quality cannabis to everyone. 
  • Kelli’s retail marketing experience includes premier worldwide brands, leading the retail experience design, merchandising, display, messaging, and consumer journey for maximum impact. 
    • During her time at a very well-known sportswear brand, she successfully increased their wholesale footprint by 300% through region specific campaigns and activations. 

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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