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Cultivation Specialist
Scientist/Cultivation Professional

KendalProven Cultivation Specialist with 15 years experience.

Relevant Skills

Plans cannabis breeding experiments, Cultivates various cannabis and fruits, Supervises contractors and employees

Expertise Summary
  • As a Scientist, Kendal designs, plans, and executes experiments to accomplish company goals centered around modern cannabis breeding.  
    • Kendal’s experiments involve various scientific methods, including tissue culture, media assays, transformation, cross pollination, sex testing, marker assisted breeding, and PCR. 
    • He manages several traditional breeding projects and designs breeding schemes, grow room layout, irrigation design and setup, all aspects of plant growth from seed to harvest, and phenotyping.  
    • He also prepares presentations and reports directly to the CEO and head of science bi-weekly to discuss findings, progress, and future directions.  
  • As a Research Associate Kendal supervised up to 4 contractors and interns at a time.  
    • He trained them in the fundamentals of micropropagation, tissue culture, and transformations.  
  • As a Kitchen Manager, Kendal supervised a crew of 7.  
    • He wrote task lists daily for each employee and monitored progress closely to adjust as needed in order to meet goals efficiently and on time.  
    • He is an effective communicator with both employees and supervisors.  
    • He has 10 years of experience cooking in fine dining and Michelin star restaurants and possesses an exceptional palate and adept sense of smell.  
  • Kendal has worked on 3 farms over the course of 6 years cultivating various fruits, vegetables, and flowers in outdoor and greenhouse environments in various climates.  
    • He has 15 years of experience cultivating cannabis and is well versed in various cultivation and literature methods.  
    • Kendal is well versed in various methods of IPM from conventional to organic.  
    • He is skilled at diagnosis and treatment of common plant pests, including cannabis.  
    • He is also skilled in diagnosis of nutrient deficiencies and other physiological stressors.  
  • Kendal earned his degree in Genetics and Plant Biology at UC Berkeley, focusing his studies on the intersection of plant physiology and molecular genetics, including graduate level courses in plant genetics.  
    • As an intern for 2 years Kendal assisted with tissue culture and transformations and the growth and maintenance of thousands of plants in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse environments. 

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