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Director of Cultivation
Developing strategies to maximize production


Relevant Skills

Improving yields, quality, and compliance, Developing SOPs for propagation, Training cultivation managers

Expertise Summary
  • Kendrick is an evidence-based cultivator that’s been employed in the legal cannabis industry for almost a decade. 
    • Kendrick improved yields, quality, and compliance at every facility he managed. 
    • Through optimism and positive reinforcement, Kendrick cultivates culture as well as cannabis. 
    • In the past 2 years, Kendrick focused on training cultivation managers in a variety of infrastructural, nutritional, pest, and cultural issues present in 15+ different cultivation facilities.
  • As Director of Operations Support, he worked on everything from the development of SOPs for propagation to packaging, as well as developing training materials and sessions.
    • He brought multiple facilities online by supporting the design, construction planning, commissioning, and operation of multiple facilities at full production.
  • Kendrick worked and successfully cultivated in environments ranging from basement remodels at 1,000 sq. ft. of cultivation benching to a facility with 23,000 sq. ft. of cultivation benching that had state-of-the-art equipment.
  • As a Facility Manager, Kendrick increased yields beyond expectation and historical performance. 
    • He developed facility audits and auditing services to help others achieve his success. 
    • Kendrick is skilled at developing a strategy to maximize the production and quality of the product within the limitations presented.

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