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EVP of Operations
Operations and Management

KennyEVP of Operations with a hands on approach to leadership

Relevant Skills

Increasing presence and driving growth, hands-on leadership, driving innovative strategies

Expertise Summary
  • Kenny, MBA, is a seasoned Lean Six Sigma leader of productivity and continuous improvement with 4 years in the cannabis industry.
    • He is a globally focused operations executive who develops and drives innovative strategies that reduce cost, increase quality, empower employees, cut cycle times, improve reliability, enhance customer experience, and increase profitability and growth.
    • He is a true hands-on leader driving a culture of excellence and success with his ability to manage large teams in a communicative manner.
  • As the EVP of Operations at a premier cannabis company, Kenny manages all operations across 7 states, including IL, MI, MA, NJ, and NY, overseeing manufacturing, cultivation, continuous improvement, construction, and engineering.
    • He improved finished goods production by 27%, increased THC by 21% and drove growth with 3rd party brand partnerships leading the adult-use market.
  • At another cannabis company, Kenny headed up cannabis operations in 6 states, leading cultivation, quality, and research & development.
    • He established a Stage and Gate process for R&D and the New Product Development Committee with Sales and Marketing to ensure prioritization and focus on the most profitable opportunities.
  • Previously, Kenny held leadership roles in food chemical distribution and serving as a Black Belt for numerous external customer projects.
    • He developed a business strategy for increasing presence and driving growth in those emerging markets, which led to an overall revenue improvement.

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2024 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide

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