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Master Gardener
Organic farming and permaculture-based methods


Relevant Skills

Building custom soil recipes, Creating composting plan using all organic matter, Designing and building aeroponic cloner system

Expertise Summary
  • Kensington is a certified Master Gardener and possesses a deep-rooted passion for sustainable farming practices and permaculture design. 
    • He has 14 years of cannabis experience and extensive knowledge in organic farming and permaculture-based methods, as well as indoor and outdoor commercial cannabis and hemp cultivation.
  • Kensington built custom soil recipes for all stages of growth, designed and built AACT brewers along with a pair of 3,000 gallon AACT brewing systems that directly inject into the main irrigation supply. 
    • To deliver fully comprehensive custom tea recipes designed for all stages of growth, he installed under and above-ground drip irrigation systems at 3 farms.
  • Kensington designed and built an aeroponic cloner system to supply 5,000 clones at a time
    • He created a composting plan to utilize all organic matter and return it to the plant through soil building, worm farming, and tea brewing, which he’s practiced for 5+ years. 
  • At a hemp company, Kensington constructed 4 greenhouses from the ground up with a 5-person team. 
    • He’s managed up to 8 fully auto-light deprivation greenhouses at a time.
    • He’s designed and installed LED/HID lighting, rolling benches, environmental controllers, HVAC systems, drip irrigation, and more. 
  • Kensington successfully performed IPM for field, greenhouse, and indoor production with the following applicators: 50/25 gallon dram sprayer, multiple pulls behind field sprayers, atomizers, foggers, backpack, and hand sprayers.

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