• Looking For: Permanent
  • Years of Experience: 18
  • Expertise: Identifying and acquiring global high-performers


Relevant Skills

Enabling companies to operate effectively and efficiently Leading HR operations for 400+ employees Building HR infrastructures from ground up

Expertise Summary

  • Kim is a certified professional in Human Resources with 18+ years of experience in consumer goods, corporate, and healthcare environments.
    • Her expertise and passion are enabling companies to operate effectively and efficiently and helping them acquire the optimal talent to meet changing corporate needs.
  • Kim is accomplished in building Human Resources infrastructures from the ground up and in advancing existing HR operations through data-driven and technological improvements across strategy, policy, programs, and procedures.
  • With a foundation of achievements in corporate recruiting, Kim has finely developed talent assessment instincts and a flair for identifying and acquiring the global high-performers who drive business.
    • Most recently, Kim led the M&A integration charge for a vertically integrated cannabis company.
  • She was the Human Resources Head at a cannabis supplies company, leading the HR operations for 400+ employees in the US and overseas.
Top Talent Email: [email protected]
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