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Dir. of Investor Relations
Business Innovation

KoltonDirector of Investor Relations with expertise in streamlining cannabis operations

Relevant Skills

Streamlining operations, fundraising, insurance and risk management

Expertise Summary
  • Kolton is a licensed attorney and currently a Director of a public MSO.
    • His responsibilities include investor relations, press releases, media coverage and conferences, fundraising, insurance and risk management, equity plan management, regulatory compliance and securities, and special projects.
  • In 2018, Kolton was one of the first 10 employees at a cannabis company–he started as in-house counsel.
    • He took the business public, scaled the company to roughly 1,500 employees, set up operations in 7 states, and personally raised approximately $20 million or 4% of total funds received.
  • With a background in Law and a degree in Business, Kolton has utilized these skills to tackle any obstacle or task presented.
    • He is flexible and capable of assisting various departments.
    • For example, he has taken on various roles and responsibilities at a cannabis company–from legal to financial services to diversity and inclusion.
  • As an entrepreneur, Kolton enjoys challenging tasks and thinks outside the box to generate innovative ideas and resolutions that streamline operations.
    • At his current company, he and his team were the first to introduce various media into the industry.

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